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Rudraksha is the only holy bead available naturally in the Himalayas that is recommended by none other than lord shiva himself.  Such is the greatness of rudraksha that even renounced people like sages and saints wear them.

The sages of the orient have foreseen the problems faced by their human descendants and have recommended the use of rudraksha as a remedy to get all best things in life and get rid of all kinds of problems.  Rudraksha are given as remedies for all kinds of problems and can be used by people from all castes and religions.

After doing years of research in studying the efficacy of these rudraksha as remedies to solve various problems faced by the humans at large, we have found positive results from all the customers to whom these rudraksha were given as remedies by us. 

For the discerning devotees, the entire chapters on rudraksha from the shiva purana and bhagavata purana, as mentioned by the sages, are given in this site which may kindly be referred.

We make available genuine rudraksha from the himalayas (Nepal and India) after due purification, sanctification, energisation and programming.   The photographs of rudraksha featured in this site are taken by us in their natural form when we procured them.


Since all classics have mentioned that rudraksha have to be round in shape, we encourage the use of only Nepalese rudraksha which are round in shape and conform to the description of rudraksha mentioned in the holy classics.

As an astrologer and healer, we find the causes of various problems faced by the natives and suggest various remedies like recital of mantras, performing havens, worship or wearing emulets with yantras or performing pilgrimages and some rituals but these are not realistically possible on a daily basis and hence wearing rudraksha is suggested as the best remedy for all problems.


With best wishes and blessings
Pandit Arjun
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